Wet Weather

We have had a temperate spring here in Austin. Temperatures have only hit the 90s on a handful of days so far and earlier in the year we had a number of dips back into 40s and 50s, which was very unusual. I kept thinking, "ok, well I'll wear these ** (boots? sweaters? socks even?) one more time because I won't touch them again till November". That happened over and over in February, March and April.

The other unusual fact is that it has been raining.  I always complained that I didn't mind the heat -- even the dozens of days of 100F+ -- what I minded was the drought. All of central Texas is still in a drought, and our suburb has been under Stage 2 water restrictions (which I wrote about in detail here) for over a year. But for the last month or more it has rained fairly regularly, maybe every 5-14 days.

Today, we seem to be having a rainy day. It has been raining gently but steadily since about 8am or earlier and according to the weather radar, there is a slow-moving rain system creeping north from Corpus Christi and these conditions are expected to continue for most of the day. This doesn't happen here very often.  Normally, in my experience, Texas has sunny days and cloudy days and storms; thrilling, flash flood-inducing, dog-distressing storms. Yesterday was typical. The Weather Channel had forecast rain for today, and yesterday it was humid and cloudy. But at 2pm we heard thunder and the rain started shortly after. I met Fred at the bus stop with a spare umbrella and we walked back to the house in a downpour. It rained hard until around 5pm. I went out once to clear debris from the berm where it passes under the fence, and to check on the swimming pool, which was bearing up well.

At 5 pm I checked the rain gauge I had given Phil for his birthday.

Three inches of rain in about 3 hours.  Impressive.


Jody said...

Stumbled across your blog and enjoyed it. Crazy weather, right? We got a little in Fort Stockton, but not much. God Bless!


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